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Agent/Broker Referral Agreement Terms and Conditions:

Agent/Broker Referral Policy:

  • Clients must be registered with ACCOLADE of Topsail Island via Agent/Broker Referral Form prior to any client contacts with a representative of ACCOLADE of Topsail Island. While ACCOLADE of Topsail Island markets and promotes ACCOLADE of Topsail Island Land Sale, referrals can still be registered if they have not previously contacted or inquired about ACCOLADE of Topsail Island with an American Land Holdings representative.
  • Clients previously entered in ACCOLADE of Topsail Island database are not eligible or an Agent/Broker Referral.
  • Client not previously registered will then be registered in ACCOLADE of Topsail Island database as an Agent/Broker Referral.
  • Your personal ACCOLADE of Topsail Island Land Consultant partner is responsible and must set/confirm appointment, show property, and follow-through with closing. It is primarily the responsibility of the Broker to provide the referral and ACCOLADE of Topsail Island Land Consultant will complete the process.
  • Referring Agent/Broker is not required to attend the Land Sale to be paid.
  • Agent/Broker purchasing for themselves are not eligible for referral.
  • As a Agent/Broker partner, you agree to receive updates via email from your personal ACCOLADE of Topsail Island Land Consultant partner.

Agent/Broker Referral Payment Policy:

  • The ACCOLADE of Topsail Island assumes no responsibility in the division of the commission between the Agent/Broker and the Broker Agency.
  • Upon the successful closing of a Agent/Broker Referral, ACCOLADE of Topsail Island will pay 3% REFERRAL FEE of the Sale Price, less any Seller Concessions and incentives, to the Referring Agency who registered the client.
  • Preferred referral agreement valid for ninety (90) days upon the signed date of the contract below or until community closes out, whichever comes first.

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